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Default Settings — dangers in taking what’s given you

I’ve just signed onto a new service, or bought a new laptop. What’s the first things I do? I customize. This isn’t “the norm”. Most people do not customize their system, or even know it’s possible. They do not know this is possible in their life nor in their technology. All systems translate across to other systems. This costs people the true expression of themselves, but the real danger pertains to infection. Viral codes (memetic, genetic, computer) succeed and breed using generalities. A virus that tries to attack a custom system, because “custom” is not “the norm”, has difficulty spreading. This is because a virus is successful on how far it can spread, and that REQUIRES that a virus targets general systems—“the norm”; averages. It is those systems operating on “default settings” that a successful virus attacks. What thought form memes are infecting us right now because we are operating on “default settings” given to us by our culture?

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